About PhysEd

I’ve been personal training for over 10 years, managing professional studios for others as well as overseeing new gym start-ups. I now own my own studio, PhysEd. I came into the fitness industry from an education background having taught at the college and university level.

In addition to goal achievement, I teach my clients the mechanics and science behind human movement – why we move the way we move – and how to apply what we learn in the studio to outside athletic and lifestyle activities. I teach my clients how to do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.

PhysEd focuses on movement quality and increased work capacity by improving strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility, mobility, and balance.

I have worked with clients ranging in ages from 14 to 84, from clients who desire functional dominance in order to excel at their chosen sport to those who desire functional competence to ensure healthy, illness/injury-free daily living.

Why should you choose to train with me at PhysEd? Athleticism and fitness is my passion, profession, livelihood, and my own lifestyle. I take your fitness journey very seriously and ensure that we arrive at your goals safely while having a good time getting there!

PhysEd specializes in:

Weight loss
Strength and conditioning
Physical therapy transition
Lifestyle management
Diet and nutrition
GPP (general physical preparedness)

Training options are:

* One-on-one training: $35 per session
* Partner Training (2 people): $25 per person, per session
* Small Group Training (3-4 members): $150 a month, flat rate.

My credentials include certifications in personal training from the American Council on Exercise and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. I am a certified spinal fitness specialist from the American Spinal Fitness Institute. I am also a level 1 CrossFit trainer and as well as holding a Nutrition Certification.

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